Purchase BAHART Card

BAHART Cards can only be purchased on the BAHART online ticketing platform and can only be used when purchasing ferry tickets on site.

Card Types

BAHART Kártya 50.000,- Ft 50000 HUF
BAHART Kártya 100.000,- Ft 100000 HUF
BAHART Kártya 250.000,- Ft 250000 HUF



Only logged in users can purchase BAHART Card.

General Terms and Conditions for our passengers

BAHART Card is a prepaid card offered for regular customers by BAHART. Once BAHART Card is bought the amount charged is available for further ticket purchase for ferry services offering discounted price based on the type of the Card. Please indicate your wish of paying by BAHART Card at our ferry cashiers in advance. The amount charged cannot be transferred for cash or other payment methods. BAHART Card is valid until the end of the following year after purchase or recharge, after that BAHART Card will be deactivated and the balance cannot be used anymore.

For further information please visit our website at bahart.hu/en or contact our customer service.